Andy Skopes & Madcap - Coded EP


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Available: 11th December 2020

While 2020 has been a pretty bleak year, the Utopia Music family has come back and this time it’s a really meaningful release for the crew. The 25th instalment to their back catalogue features collaborations between the late Andy Skopes alongside Madcap. Here are a few words from the people responsible for making it happen:

Elliot (Madcap): “Recording with Andy was always a pleasure. We had worked on a few tracks in the past & my first vinyl release back in the early 2000’s was a collaboration with him. We’ve developed a great friendship over the years & talked about getting back in the studio. ‘Tap The Bottle’ included in this EP was the first one we completed out of about 8 tracks. All recorded, finished & signed before his deeply sad passing. This 12” is one of the most emotional projects I’ve been involved in & of course I miss Andy a great deal. I’m pleased to finally have a release on Utopia & want to express my appreciation to Mako for believing in the music & letting us do our thing. Peace x”

Stephen (Mako): “This release means a lot to me in many ways. Elliot and Andy were originally penned to have the first release on Utopia so to get a 12" with them after 11 years is a dream for me. The music stays true to what both of them have held so dear for so long, this 90's vibe of 808 sub bass, breaks and sick samples. Andy is missed every day and I see releasing their music as a celebration of his life rather than a mourning of his death. I must send shout outs to Madcap for being an absolute badman, I have huge respect for you brother x”

Each track of the three picked for this release has all the soul, organic beats and vibes people have come to love Utopia for.

a1. Coded

b1. Tap The Bottle

b2. Tidal Wave