Ancestral Voices - Mycelia [Coloured Vinyl 12" with insert]


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Released 2nd March 2018

Liam Blackburn’s Ancestral Voices project has been consistently hard to pin down to any genre as he progresses through his new musical experiment. Taking hunks of his formative style developed as Indigo and stretching it into uncharted forms, most of his new work is underpinned by a skill at sound design that has endeared him to the sync community and recently saw his music soundtracking a trailer for Paramount Pictures 2018 thriller ‘A Quiet Place’ -

To launch his own label ‘The Fifth Kingdom’, Liam has stripped away the rhythms and percussion entirely for a full 6 track ambient release that soars and glides on a bed of cloud like haze.

A soundtrack for flotation, Mycelia opens an exciting new outlet for conscious music from one of electronica’s more daring creators.

a1. Meruah

a2. Syloh

a3. Eumycota

b1. Eluviah Horizon

b2. Mycelia

b3. Glasir