Altern 8 - Full On Mask Hysteria - Remastered Edition (3x12")


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Regener 8! One of the most important and iconic rave albums of all time gets a proper vinyl release!

Altern 8 mark the 25th anniversary of their klaxon and sample driven debut as the rave scene's Vick's loving masked marauders, with the release of a deluxe remastered edition of the seminal "Full On Mask Hysteria". It comes as a limited edition triple heavyweight release, in a stamped & numbered gatefold sleeve adorned with photos, artwork, and tales from their early 90's heyday. Fully recut and pressed loud for DJ club play, featuring tracks that never made the original vinyl version and remixes from the likes of KiNK and Luke Vibert. Watch yer bassbins I'm tellin' ya! 


a1 - E-Vapor-8

a2 - Give It To Baby

a3 - Armageddon (KiNK Remix)

b1 - Infiltrate 202

b2 - Move My Body

b3 - Activ-8 (Shadow Dancer Remix)

c1 - Hypnotic St-8

c2 - Everybody (2 Bad Mice Remix)

c3 - First Of May

d1 - Activ-8

d2 - Frequency (Luke Vibert Remix)

d3 - Brutal-8-E

e1 - Frequency

e2 - Real Time Status

e3 - Re-Indulge

f1 - Armageddon

f2 - A D8 With Plezure

f3 - 8's Revenge