Alter Echo & E3 - Nubian Dub (Egoless & DJ Madd Remixes)


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Released 29th January 2016

ZamZam 19, Alter Echo & E3’s “Nubian Dub” backed with “Warning Dub” was an underground hit that sold out its run of 600 copies almost instantly, and has been in constant demand ever since.  It is consistently named as many completists’ top ZamZam release.  Championed by selectors as diverse as The Bug, J:Kenzo, Alpha Steppa and Joe Nice, both tunes developed lives of their own, spawning remixes that we are now extremely proud to release as a pair of limited 10”s: Khaliphonic 05 (Nubian Dub Remixes) and 06 (Warning Dub Remixes).

Egoless’ live dubbing of the tunes in his sets early last year morphed into heavyweight remixes of both cuts.  His Nubian version is a funkdafied 140-affair with added clave, cyborg saxophone flavor, retooled low-end and a strangely uplifting mood animated by his unique sense of spatial dynamics and movement.  ZamZam veteran DJ Madd brings the 85 bpm slow-jungle rockers vibrations with his signature 808 depth drops, spacious synths and tuned tablas anchoring the original atmospherics in a completely different and unexpected riddim matrix.

Microphone commando Rider Shafique introduces Ishan Sound’s refix, which began life as a special for Ishan, Alter Echo, and E3, but demanded a wider release.  A militant steppers of the highest order, a haunting melody floats above the pounding kick and galloping percussion while machine-gun snares cut through the miasmic swirling textures.  Egoless’ Warning remix seemingly pitches the entire original tune up an octave to make room for the monstrous, swollen, lurching bass, kick & claps that has become a swaggering anthem that demands multiple reloads wherever he performs it.  

Raising the visual aesthetic bar once again, in-house design & print master Polygon Press blesses each 10” with a striking, complementary geometric construction, teasing 2 and 3D in and out of each other in a captivatingly original style.  Screen printed by hand on heavy chip board jackets.

Design + Print by Polygon Press.
Mastered & cut by Lewis at Stardelta, Devon, UK.

Strictly limited to 800 copies each – No repress – No digital

a. Alter Echo & E3 - Nubian Dub (Egoless Remix)

b. Alter Echo & E3 - Nubian Dub (DJ Madd Remix)