Alix Perez - Recall & Reflect EP 2x12" Vinyl


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Released 25th September 2015

Alix Perez returns to Exit Records with the Recall & Reflect EP. The project shows how versatile Alix’s repertoire is, comparative to his very well received recent excursions into progressive half time tracks.

The aesthetic of the EP is soulful and introspective, an expression sometimes lacking in the current landscape of disposable music. This aesthetic coupled with Alix’s production prowess makes for a very interesting marriage.

The EP kicks off with Losing You, led by its vocal refrains and soulful flourishes- it’s almost ‘vintage Alix Perez’ in its execution. Moving into the second track Revolve-Her, the influence of Pete Rock and Dilla becomes apparent, manifested in the track’s clipped vocals and string sweeps. Recall & Reflect is a purposeful ‘eyes down at 4am’ club track, the momentum being supplied by back and forth switches via the percussion and gliding bass. Rounding off the EP is Never Left, a warm close to proceedings on a project that doesn’t pander to trends and is all the better for it.

a. Losing You

b. Revolve-Her

c. Recall & Reflect

d. Never Left