Aleksandir - The Turtle Nipper


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Blind Jacks Journey

Release Date: October 2016

Luv*Jam presents DREAM HOUSE TROPICANA VOLUMES, dream of tropical palms trees, turtles and waves.

Blind Jacks chief blorper ‘Gnork’ hooked L*J up with a secret agent named ALEKSANDIR - this very person is here for you now, with his debut record ‘The Turtle Nipper’. It’s not just an EP, but a mini album of nippiness!
Get swimming with the Turtles on a crest of a wonky wave from Istanbul to Bristol via Terrapenia.

Limited hand stamped box turtle bonanza.


a1. Turtle Dance

a2. Turtle Nipper

a3. Turtle Bay

b1. Istanbul

b2. By TheBeach

b3. Omar 

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