Alderaan & Mental Resonance - Man From Earth EP (w/ Pfirter Remix)


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MindTrip presents MT12, which sees two young Argentinian techno producers - Alderaan & Mental Resonance - joining forces to create the Man from Earth EP.

This record features 3 outstanding, original tracks and an explosive remix from MindTrip’s fulcrum, Pfirter.

Right from the start, this release brims with menace and intent with Man from Earth 1, an unabated, dogged and single minded experiment in contrasting restfulness with forcefulness.

Man from Earth 2 is a fathomless, enigmatic exploration of the trippiest of techno. This deep cut provides a welcome ebb to proceedings but is by no means a compromise in any shape, manner or form, as it builds with furious intensity.

Opening the B side - just when you thought it was safe to look behind you - Pfirter’s reworks Man from Earth 3, tweaking the yet unreleased original and making full use of his exceptional knack of creating tracks engineered fairly and squarely with the dancefloor in mind. Expect this cut to do serious damage on dancefloors all over the globe.

Man From Earth 4 is simply an undulating exercise in messing with the listener’s mind. It is unfaltering and unapologetic in its quest to pull you into its dark void.

a1. Alderaan & Mental Resonance - Man From Earth 1

a2. Alderaan & Mental Resonance - Man From Earth 2

b1. Alderaan & Mental Resonance - Man From Earth 3 (Pfirter Remix)

b2. Alderaan & Mental Resonance - Man From Earth 4