ALC - Frontiers LP [White Cassette]


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Release Date: 25th June 2021

Frontiers is the first compositional solo album from ALC-Angelos Liaros Copola creating a mesmerizing soundtrack by blending drone, ambient and dark electronics in a powerful pulsating narrative with a strong cinematic approach.

All compositions are structured based on four main instruments. Two analog synths, a Greek lyra string and an electric piano. Chord progressions constantly evoke turbulent emotions through the album from remote isolation to desperate sadness and warm cathartic crescendos full of hope.

Frontiers LP is a soundtrack collection of hidden gems and past unreleased archives of Angelos, also known for his industrial techno moniker Blakk Harbor.

8 tracks LP, total playing time 37:28 min.

1. ALC - Frontiers

2. ALC - Gaze Of The Sphinx

3. ALC - I Remember You Silent

4. ALC - Monochromatic Memories

5. ALC - Crossing Rivers (The Refugee Song)

6. ALC - Meteora

7. ALC - Vanishing Away

8. ALC - Hidden Paths