Akae Beka & Zion High - Livicated


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Release Date: 30th April 2021

Akae Beka's inimitable style, developed over decades performing with St. Croix based band Midnite and countless recordings (including 2014 iTunes reggae album of the year BEAUTY FOR ASHES and RIDE TRU). At the point of his untimely passing in 2019, he had released over 70LP's. He is without a doubt one of the most prolific reggae artists ever known and his quanity is always matched with quality, with his albums consistently featuring in the top 10 on the billboard charts reggae LPs.

This release makes no exception. 5 years on from the original 2016 CD and Digital release which charted at number 6 in the reggae billboard charts, this timeless masterpiece is being re-released on 12" Vinyl and Cassette tape, courtesy of Before Zero Records. Produced by ZIK bassist, JAH David, LIVICATED was Akae Beka's debut release on the Zion High Productions (ZHP) label. The album features solid original riddims composed and arranged by the ZIK family with musical contributions from Aston Barrett Jr. (drums), JAH Bless (horns), Chet Samuel (guitar), and Yami Bolo (melodica). Particularly striking on LIVICATED are the strident, Burning Spear-like horn arrangements and the variety and range of Drew Keys' keyboard voices. 

a1. Firmness

a2. Usward

a3. Discreet

a4. Livicated

a5. Loose the Gates

b1. Have Heard

b2. Faith

b3. Handle Sumptin

b4. Eyelidz