Adam Winchester - Interferenza [Cassette]


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Release Date: 15th December 2017

Following the intense sonic exploration of his work with Christopher Jarman as Dot Product,
Adam Winchester steps out on his own with a bold new body of work, his first under his own name, that further expands on his ideas about non-conformist sound generation.

Winchester had previously been immersed in the early days of the Bristol dubstep scene as Wedge, but in more recent times has applied his knowledge of sound processing and technology to more scientific means, using an array of tools to harness resonant frequencies and interference generated in the space around him.

The image that adorns the cover of this release was taken by Winchester and used in
Daniela de Pauli’s Optiks installation, which is based around the work of a globally connected group of amateur astronomers who collaborated to beam images into space and bounce them off the moon. Only a small fraction of the radio signals carrying the images are reflected back onto Earth, where they are picked up by radio telescopes before being converted back into the original image.

The interference picked up in the process is the result of the vast distances the information travels, and the poor reflective qualities of the moon’s surface.

In the grainy textures, crunching rhythms and steely tones that inhabit this EP, Winchester captures the same spirit of invisible interference by eschewing traditional production methods, drawing his sounds solely from a range of noise, feedback and resonance found in objects and physical spaces.

a1. Surface

a2. Terminal Transition

a3. Resurrection Effects

b1. Figure Ground

b2. Blue Ghost Tunnel

b3. Extant