Adam Beyer - Stone Flower


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Drumcode continues to release the hottest new tracks that make waves within the techno community. Releasing tracks from artists such as Adam Beyer, Alan Fitzpatrick, Joseph Capriati, Gregor Tresher, Luigi Madonna, Ida Engberg, Joel Mull, Sam Paganini, Harvey McKay and Ben Sims.

Adam Beyer is back on Drumcode with an impressive array of tracks that will get the senses tingling and shows us what Drumcode is all about. These 4 tracks are deep and almost melancholic in their approach to techno, using effects to really help enforce an ambience only Beyer can achieve within his productions. The under lying throbbing of the drums drives this EP into the forefront of the heads down Drumcode sound and have been heard in many of Beyer's phenomenal sets throughout the year.


a1. Adam Beyer - Stone Flower

a2. Adam Beyer - The Crossing

b1. Adam Beyer - That Would Be The Sun

b2. Adam Beyer - What You Need