Acid Lab - Secret Weapon EP


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Release Date: 3rd July 2020

Acid Lab returns to AGN7 Audio with his “Secret Weapon EP”. With releases on a host of recognized underground imprints, he has offered steady contributions to many areas of the Drum & Bass and Bass music community throughout the years, under several aliases including Kodama and Ahmad.

This release sees him cover new territory, experimenting with various tempos while maintaining 90s jungle aesthetic. Both “Shadow Recruit” and title track “Secret Weapon” clock in at 140 bpm, loaning themselves to breakbeat-oriented DJ sets that seek versatility.  With “Unleash” and “Before The Storm” at 160 bpm, Acid Lab revisits the ‘golden era’ of tech step style. In both approaches, Acid Lab creates rolling, break driven infectious grooves in formats that are both nostalgic as well forward thinking for a new generation of DJs and Breakbeat/Bass music afficionados.

Acid Lab has seen support for his music from DJs and artists such as:  Bailey, Ant TC1, DJ Flight, Om Unit, Gremlinz, DJ Trax, Soul Intent, and Double O.

a1. Acid Lab - Secret Weapon

a2. Acid Lab - Unleash

b1. Acid Lab - Shadow Recruit

b2. Acid Lab - Before The Storm