A Sacred Geometry - Chapter III


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Released 27th January 2017

A Sacred Geometry continue their label releases with Chapter III, a collection of tracks that are soft, serene and yet captivating. On the A side is 'Atheres', a track that takes over the entire space, building different sonic structures over the rhythm. 'Nineveh' is more hypnotising, with a sonic groove and a rising synth that move fluidly through the track. The B side is formed of two parts: 'Earendel (Part 1)' consists merely of a pulsating drum and high hats, with whispers of notes only beginning to form towards the end. 'Earendel (Part 2)' continues this but with more structure and tenacity, the beat becomes heavier, the melody more focussed. Collectively and individually the four tracks encapsulate the label's ethos and style, marking Chapter III.

a1. Atheres

a2. Nineveh

b1. Earendel (Part 1)

b2. Earendel (Part 2)