In-house custom merchandising.
Unearthed Sounds can help with all your merchandising requirements. Customise products in-house, put to use the skills of our experts and allow us to pay attention to every detail. Quality is the primary focus, and no item goes out the door without first meeting our strict quality control guidelines.
Embroidery for the win.
For your apparel, embroidery provides a distinctive and professional look that cannot be matched-diverse and shouts quality. Despite popular belief, embroidery is suitable for small orders, tends to be less expensive than comparable branding options, and is virtually limitless with regards to style options.
Don’t limit yourself to clothing.
We can provide beer mats, slip mats, stickers and pin badges - to name just a few of the products that have passed through our warehouse. We endeavour to provide whatever it is that's required, and haven’t failed a client yet.
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