Education and Bass

Education & Bass.
Music Production Education for all! Online, live workshops & international tours. Artist development, success & opportunities.

Guest lecturers, Q&A and no rules electronic music are the foundation of this unique project.
A no rules concept.
Comprising of all genres of electronic music, Education & Bass thrives on sharing production techniques, advice and guidance on industry practices and performance, contextualising music history and culture, and building a community of like-minded individuals as a forum for discussion on all aspects of music.

Featuring DJ Rap, Digital, Outrage aka Nomine, Leon Switch, Exile, LSN, Macabre Unit aka Nurve, Kasket aka Cocktail Party Effect, Occult, Timo Garcia aka Nolan, X=X and more.
Tailored to your needs.
Education & Bass provide you with the opportunity to fulfil key requirements made by your education establishment – guest speakers, professional industry contact and feedback on student projects, production workshops specific to assessment, music culture symposiums and lectures, plus work experience and participation opportunities for students at each event.

Education & Bass A&R team give regular, written feedback on VIP members' music. The best music is sent to in-house partner record labels to be considered for release.
Partnered with Unearthed.
Unearthed Sounds and Education & Bass will shortly be announcing details of their partnership project. Contact here to find out more.

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