Numa Crew (Lapo & Ago) - Spirals & Pyramids / Shot The King! [7" Vinyl]


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Release Date: 25th June 2021

Lapo & Ago, alongside the rest of the mighty Numa Crew, are responsible for some of the most crucial, addictive, and classic 140 material in the history of the scene. Tunes on Moonshine and Killa Sound such as "Youth Pon The Corner," “Everytime" (as Numa Crew), "Dreadlock Blues," and Ago’s "So Mi Seh" on Innamind are stone cold classics that haven’t left many selectors’ boxes since release. After a long pandemic-enforced hiatus, ZamZam returns with our 83rd release, offering two more future classics for the global dubwise sound system massive, on 7" vinyl- the original sound system format.

Coming in hard with kick, melodica, and echo chamber vocal fragments, “Spirals and Pyramids” drags us into the dance with stabs and a rubbery, buoyant bassline that’s hard yet playful, reveling in the elemental joys of the dance, community vibes spread through sound system principles: bass, reverb space, haunting melodics, and masterful frequency control. Upful steppers is the vibe, just in time for a summer that we hope brings a return to in-person sessions wherever you are.

The wholesome pleasures of the A side do nothing to prepare us for the massive weight and sound-killing heaviness of the flip, “Shot The King!” From the very first dungeon tone and bone-dry high hat holding time, the mood is pure dread and the die is cast for war. Calling out soundboys and weakheart with sound tape declaration and a thick miasma of smoky reverb, this is a tune to test sounds and bring dancers to their knees. Staccato kicks and swarming sub drive the riddim, augmented by lasers, minimal percussion, and a feeling of elated claustrophobia that only proponents of this music understand.

a1. Numa Crew (Lapo & Ago) - Spirals & Pyramids

b1. Numa Crew (Lapo & Ago) - Shot The King!