Heights & Worship - Selassie's Song


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Released 30th March 2018 

After a few months’ hiatus, ZamZam Sounds returns with our third release from Philadelphia dub-tech duo Heights & Worship, the propulsive & heady “Selassie’s Song” in two parts. Heights is Ras Heights of Ital Sound System, Worship represents Rob Paine, long-time head of dubhouse institution Worship Recordings and Solomonic Sound System. ZamZam’s friendship and musical connection to Rob extends back to the BSI Records days, and the link remains strong.

Both versions of “Selassie’s Song” utilize dub techno principles in new shapes and forms, far from the familiar Rhythm & Sound homages. Techy clicks & skittering percussion intertwine with the ancient sound of the binghi drum, signaling a seamless marriage of Rasta consciousness with an early morning eyes-down techno pulse & palette.

The A side “Never Chained” mix marries double time hi hats and synthetic textures to a body-rocking half time riddim. Sharp snares cut through the dense atmospheres, like shots fired across distant waves, and the disembodied voice of Emperor Haile Selassie I intones timeless wisdom on the unity of humanity in spite of differences in race, creed, religion, or nationality. The tune’s second drop leads into a 4/4 pulse that carries the tune into full dub techno territory, continued in even sparser style on the B side.

The “Break Every Chain” mix strips away most of the melodics to focus on the heartbeat techno pulse, as metallic synth skanks rise and fall, hi hats deftly shift patterns and mechanical textures emerge and fade, a disorienting game of light and shadow. A masterclass in deep & esoteric dubwise as only Heights & Worship do it.

Mastered by Sam at Precise

a. Selassie's Song (Never Chained)

b. Selassie's Song (Break Every Chain Mix)