Valance Drakes - A Patternless & Endless Soul [180g Smokey 12" Vinyl]


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Release Date: 20th August 2021

"Just Valance being Valance, I'm no underground glitch legend or pioneer as I never cared for a title, just an individual who puts sounds together and embraces the outcome whether it's light or dark. Capturing emotions from complex patterns. I don't betray myself. Not for status. Not for power. Not for money. Not to fit into a stereotype. Not to look a certain way. Not for approval as patience and sacrifice is required to build anything.

Some aspects of the world are getting uglier every day and every ray of hope is vital to tilt the balance."
- Valance Drakes

A1 Valance Drakes - Grown Weary Of Their Kindness

A2 Valance Drakes - Awaken Old Memories From Their Slumber

A3 Valance Drakes - Angels Can Still Feel Fear

A4 Valance Drakes - Those That Tell You Winning Lies

B1 Valance Drakes - The Man Who Trade Obediences For A Title

B2 Valance Drakes - Behaviour Never Stand Still

B3 Valance Drakes - In The Nest Of Complex Questions

B4 Valance Drakes - Trace Your Scars