Moon Temple - Part II


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The music fell into the lap of wt records and it seemed only natural to release this 2 part big room art piece. 
Moon Temple is gabriel andruzzi. You may know him as the bass player/sax guy/engineer of a well known defunct new york city band. This well polished piece contains 9 tracks of delicate interludes, big room acid stompers, and weirdo spastic mechanical marches. there is no way to know if this release will end up in a big room, a sweaty basement, or a museum. Not only does it sound good but there is a visual aspect too. Both 12”s (pressed on 45) are packaged in beautiful silver foil op art by moscow’s art crime. Look for the video(s) and upcoming live performances from moon temple.

a1. The Short Dance

a2. Io's Eye

a3. Ocean of Storms

b1. Lake of Forgetfulnes

b2. Callisto's Running