Neue Grafik - Ukiyo EP


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Release Date: 12th December

With only 4 records behind him on various labels like Beat X Changers, Slime Recordings and S3A Records, French producer and DJ Fred Bwelle aka Neue Grafik has quickly rised as one of the most promising acts on the new French and European electronic scene (ask Laurent Garnier, he will confirm). Eclectic and versatile, Neue Grafik’s sound emerges from different roots: Paris (his home-town) and its music and cultural legacy, the ethnic sounds of Africa but it also goes from house, to jazz and hip-hop. Go check him playing live on his MPCs, you’ll witness what the man is all about.

In 2016, Neue Grafik launched his own label VERTV, released a new record (« Roy ») on Beat X Changers, composed 3 tracks on Wayne Snow’s debut album alongside Max Graef and Nu Guinea (release date: early 2017) and started a new live project called Raheem Experience with Mad Rey and LB aka Labat.

In December 2016, the Parisian producer is set to release « Ukiyo », his brand new record on UK-based label Wolf Music (Medlar, Laszlo Dancehall, Casino Times, Frits Wentink). It goes without saying that you should definitely keep on eye on this dude.


a1. Jam For Muhammad

a2. Until Tomorrow

b1. Witches feat. Wayne Snow

b2. Butter Chicken (DemoCrazy)

b3. We Need To Talk