Pheel - Burnin [w/ Mike Delgado, Nick Holder & DJ Nature Remixes] - 180g Vinyl-only


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Released 6th July

Label devoted to old school house music. Every release will have an original version and one or more remixes coming from the artists that made our life worth living in the last 30 years. House music is our religion. We are not interested in hype. We are not interested in becoming famous. We are not interested in djing worldwide. There won’t be any repress since we are not interested in making money. We’ll release music for personal pleasure only if it’ ll satisfy our minimum quality standard. Finally, we won’t release any digital download, ‘cause we didn’t grow-up listening to music that we couldn’t touch.

a1. Burnin

a2. Burnin (Mike Delgado Remix)

b1. Burnin (Nick Holder Remix)

b2. Burnin (DJ Nature Remix)