Shudan - Arctic Garms EP


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Release Date 22nd March 2019

Shudan debuts proper for White Peach with a real emphasis on showcasing his full sound palette. 

Beatless opener ‘Fushidigane’ is a fitting start as hazy melodies collide and bounce off one another almost at will, before things completely switch up on the raucous, early-grime-meets-dubstep-circa-2009 production ‘TM13’.

Title track ‘Arctic Garms’ continues that trend, again referencing early grime but more defined by artillery-like bass drills, until ‘Flammie Riddim’ returns to a more melodic standpoint to finish off, this time spiked with some abrasive bass licks and glitchy arcade samples. 

a1. Fushigidane

a2. TM13

b1. Arctic Garms

b2. Flammie Riddim

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