Homemade Weapons - Subcept EP [Black Vinyl Version]


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Released 24th August 2018

**Please note this is the black vinyl version***

For the next Weaponry release, Homemade Weapons teams up with special guests to present the four track ‘Subcept’ EP.

The collection begins with ‘Subcept (RIP)’ - a display of Weapons’ signature use of rumbling bass, intricate drum programming, and haunting strings. ‘Primary’ showcases a reunion with Red Army and the result of their take on chaotic precision.
 The EP continues with ‘Riddle’ - a heavy old school break excursion featuring Belgian super duo, The Untouchables, followed by the breakbeat war drum assault ‘Paroxysm’ conspired with recent label addition, Torana.

a1. Subcept (RIP)

a2. Primary (w/ Red Army)

b1. Riddle (w/ The Untouchables)

b2. Paroxysm (w/ Torana)