WRXX5 - Skin Teeth EP


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Release Date: 29th November 2019

So release number five for Warehouse Rave falls to Skin Teeth and his brand of Heavy Jungle influenced Breakbeat. Nostalgic and forward looking at the same time this E.P. wears it's love for all things early ninety's firmly on it's sleeve!

The Rollers
Opening proceedings we have The Rollers. A combination of classic Jungle breakbeats, eerie and melancholic Pads and a brutal bassline that acts as a mission statement for the rest of the E.P. Titled after the the iconic Sanctuary's second warehouse, The Rollers does it's best to encapsulate that feeling of raving in 1993.

Following on from The Rollers we have Unity. Influenced by such legendary producers as Nookie, Dj Crystal and Skanna, Unity utilises 808 stabs, emotive Pads and the now famous Reese bass to recreate a moment in time when the rave landscape was changing. Couple these elements with an anthemic vocal and you get a tune strictly for the 4am crew.

Huge Drums and a booming wall of Sub bass typify this Dark slice of underground rave music. Raw adrenalin fueled Hardcore Jungalism is the order of the day here.
Add to into this heady mix a classic vocal and you have a track reminiscent of some of DJ SS's Formation output from back in the day.

Heaven On Earth
Referencing the Weekend World Rave of the same name, Heaven On Earth cuts straight to the chase. vocal snippets and a heavily edited Think Break are underpinned by Booming sub bass, culminating in a 130bpm slice of Junglism that wouldn't of been out of place on the dancefloor in 1995.

a1. Skin Teeth - The Rollers

a2. Skin Teeth - Unity

b1. Skin Teeth - Silhouette

b2. Skin Teeth - Heaven On Earth

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