Holloway - Late Night Excursions


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Released 2nd August 2019

For WRXX3 its Holloway’s premier vinyl release with the label. The London based producer serves up five heavyweight steppers that showcase the darker side of UK Garage.

Opener “Ride Dem Tight Kutz” volleys chopped percussive and vocal elements around the hard-hitting bassline, setting the foundation for the remainder of the EP.

Just like the previous track “South” takes a moodier stance.

The sinking sub-bass tones coupled with a 2-step swing brings a lively feel to the releases emotive and darker timbres.

The melodic elements of “You & Me” fuse to form a murky soundscape, chords and pads rise and fall beneath an energetic bassline which wavers below.

The Heavy drum selection of “Last Encounter” coupled with melodic rave stabs and bassline makes for a harmonious Breakbeat Garage track.

The melodic and pensive sound palette of “Pressure” sums up the E P.

a1. Ride Dem Tight Kutz

a2. South

a3. You & Me

b1. Last Encounter

b2. Pressure