The Woodentops - Why Why Why


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Release Date: 12th December

Why Why Why by the Woodentops is a turntable hit in the birth of the Balearic club scene. Arriving first in 1985 as a mix by Adrian Sherwood, a regular Amnesia track and again in 1987, as a live and far more up-tempo version from a number one live album. 

The live version became one of the first anthems in Ibiza. Hearing and witnessing the record played, the UK holidaymakers and Dj's brought the track back as they started new clubs, Shoom, Boys own, Spectrum, Future, the Trip, based on what they had witnessed. 

Why Why Why swiftly became a UK club hit and spread to be repeatedly played in the UK by a 'who's who' of the now big name Dj's as they began what became careers, all influenced by Dj Alfredo and Leo Mas and their now legendary Ibiza clubs.

This came at a time when there was a divide between the rock and the new exploding club scene. Why Why Why was a natural crossover, before bands began to release Dj remixes to infiltrate the new club music movement. 

30 years later, the 2016 remixes were kicked off by a request to remix by Trevor Fung, who, with Paul Oakenfold, was involved in the hit Balearic Beats Vol 1
album that included Why Why Why in 1988. 

The Woodentops recorded the song again, live, as there was no master tape. Quickly, more requests to remix this recording followed and the Wall Of Sound label
came forward to release the results. 

Why Why Why is doing it again, an end of summer hit that will carry through to next summer, echoing the feeling of the moment with its words and a scattershot of fresh, floor packing mixes.


a1. Balearic Militant Dub By Leo Mas and Fabrice

a2. Balearic Rework By Lisbon Kid

b1. Whatever / Whatever Remix By Justin Strauss and Bryan Mette

b2. A WTF Acid Dub Remix By Trevor Fung & Dan Wainwright

b3. The Woodentops Radio Version