The Beat Broker - Satin Kimono


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Four floaty dubs & re-rubs from San Francisco's Ryan Bishop aka The Beat Broker (Bear Funk, Flexx, Adult Contemporary, etc). Many heads probably best know Ryan as the brains behind DREAM CHIMNEY, one of the longest-running and most consistently interesting online hangouts for like-minded music freaks.

This 12" busts loose with "Satin Kimono," a funky floor-filler with the most perfect AOR song title in existence. "Make It Happen" cools the A-side down with a mellow yet uplifting soft rock groover; dubby voices beckon the listener to break free and never look back.

"Honey It's You" is a pumped up edit of an old 'Chimney classic and was crafted specifically as a wedding gift for fellow Dream Chimney member Hatchback - now available for the first time in a physical format! Larceny Dub soars to new heights of AOR bliss, featuring an extensive re-working of a record that was passed along to Ryan by an ex-Deadhead neighbor.


a1. Satin Kimono

a2. Make It Happen

b1. Honey It’s You

b2. Larceny Dub