The Drip EP [Matthew Herbert - Cosmo Sheldrake - Yann Seznec - Crewdson]


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Released 20th July 2018

The Drip EP brings together four distinctive producers and one set of sounds - The Drips. The result is a compilation of 4 tracks that bring the swing and sampling of some of Accidental Jnr’s finest to produce a soaking wet dancefloor.

First up is label boss Matthew Herbert with a trademark groove that harks back to his Wishmountain moniker albeit found lurking in the swamp. Cosmo Sheldrake takes a slight departure from his usual multi-instrumentaling live-looping avant-folk to deliver a track that could only be described as travelling circus aqua-techno. Bahraini born, French / US bred and now Edinburgh dwelling video game builder, sound designer and sometime Scottish league football referee Yann Seznec opens the B-side with an absolute stormer of a rain drenched club hook. Sussex based producer Crewdson and builder of such electronic instruments as the Eggiophone and Concertronica closes proceedings with a drizzling evolving 2-step number.

a1. Matthew Herbert - The Swamp

a2. Cosmo Sheldrake - Splosh

b1. Yann Seznec - Droplets

b2. Crewdson - Amphibious