Various Artists - Africa Rise EP [12" 180g Vinyl]


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Release Date: 3rd December 2021

A rootical steppers tune with Black Omolo on the vocals, several versions included and also a tuff Remix & Version by Dubbing Sun featuring the voice of Mowty Mahlyka. The release had great support by some of the greatest names in the roots and culture scene like King Shiloh, King Earthquake or Dandelion Sound System to name a few.

a1. Black Omolo - Africa Rise

a2. Joyful Lion - African Sax

a3. Darkwing Dub - African Dub

b1. Dubbing Sun ft Black Omolo & Mowty Mahlyka - Africa Rise Remix

b2. Dubbing Sun ft Joyful Lion & Piya Zawa - African Vibes

b3. Don Oscar ft Felix Martl - African Wind