Ill K - Herb Dub


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Released 11th May 2018

The Bremen based producer ILL_K was on the wishlist for a release on ThroughThese Eyes from day one. Why? Well, i just love his precise and detailledsounddesign which always works on the dancefloor and just stands out. Bog-standard or random presets are not his thing, he is the man who takes risks andunusual ways until his expriments lead him to the expectional and unique soundsthat define his tracks.

"Herb Dub", the leading track from his TTE release, starts with a catchy but notoverused vocal sample, until ILL_K unleashes some heavy jungle breaks upon us.Then he unpretentiously switches into some halfstep rhythm just to spice things upa bit more.

"Glitch War" on the B-side already turned some heads and broke some legs on thedancefloor. Once you get into the groove of ILL_K's elaborated drumwork, there isno way out. He inhaled the aesthetics of 90ies techstep and jungle sounds and justspits them out in his very own and individual way.

a. Herb Dub

b. Glitch War