Folding City - On Point


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Released April 2017

Folding Citys debut on Through These Eyes is charged with exerting drum rhythms and high-energy movement throughout. The A-Side enthralls with psychedelic string plucks and silky smooth, 

even trance-inducing arrangement. Livid percussive movements, powdered with delays and tribal grooves, are creatively used - as well as haunting, emotive pads.
‘Museling’ is a different beast to witness, starting off with hypnotic arpeggios and taunting, grimy vocals, anticipating the impact. Swift hi-hats race along an intensely stomping bass-line,
pervaded with gritty but fluid motion - resulting in extraordinarily energetic music. The two-sided single elegantly shares the same signature sound, each track complementing the other.

a1. Folding City - On Point

b1. Folding City - Museling