Gianmaria Coccoluto - Dance Corporation


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Released 25th March 2016

After a string of heavy-hitting techno missiles, the Tete imprint returns in 2016 with its third release to date, a three - tracker built by the label's boss, Gianmaria Coccoluto. The young Italian producer steps into the limelight, and challenges the Berlin school with the "Dance Corporation", a hypnotic sound massage that is carried by a 4/4 tempo, but delivers much more than that thanks to its intricate bundles of melodies, and a subtly tribal stance. Instead, "Sonic Massage" sees Coccoluto heading to more soulful territories, coming out with a sublime house stepper packed with mystical samples and broken shreds of percussion. Similarly, "Tetape" sticks close to the house framework, but the tune goes way beyond the usual brand of deep house, and gives the listener a much deeper, more wide-eyed experience. It's another clear development in GC's production skills, and it's a highly recommended EP to all house and techno heads.

a. Tetape

b1. Sonic Message

b2. Dance Corporation