Overlook - Never Understand EP


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Released 27th April 2018

Blurring the line between drum ’n’ bass and techno often tested by friend and occasional labelmate Pessimist, Overlook delivers four of his most atmospheric, genre-busting tracks on Osiris Music uk.

Opener ‘Down The Rabbit Hole’ leads with frantic tribal rhythms, before the eponymous second track slows the pace a little to lock the listener in a claustrophobic club full of slo-mo swaying bodies, distant vocal samples reverberating around even-more-distant hits.

On the B side, the pace continues to slow: ‘Residual’ drives forward with a sustained tension and breathy hints at something lurking in the shadows, before ‘Crisis’ eschews beats altogether to explore a more sombre mood: an ambient piece that feels like it’s just been unearthed from a forgotten time.

a1 Down The Rabbit Hole

a2 Never Understand

b1 Residual

b2 Crisis