Anthony Linell - Sculpting Energy


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Released 21st December

Anthony Linell's latest suite of tracks cruise and drift with their head up. With a dizzy palette of terse and winding melodies, 'Sculpting Energy' feels like another new avenue for Linell on his unbreakable run of EPs. Drone surveillance-style patterns remain intact this time around, hinting at the unmistakable frozen planes of his previous works, yet with the opening track there's the smack of bustling heat, as its title 'Therme' alludes to. The EP's closing piece, 'Vision of the Imminence', presents a familiar sullen theme. Perhaps the measure of his latest work's difference is in the modulating barbed wire-percussion and birdsong- synths that wrap the track's cold core?

a1. Therme

a2. Sculpting Energy

b1. Scattered Across

b2. Vision of the Imminence