Ancient Methods ‎- The Jericho Records [3x12" Vinyl]


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Released 12th October

Inviolable proclamation from the stronghold - Unmissable! (luxury triple gatefold packaging incl. download code).

a1. Walls

a2. Twelve Stones to Divide Jordans Sand

a3. The City Awakes

b1. Treason Creeps In

b2. The House of Rahab

c1. Array the Troops

c2. The Seven Shofars

d1. Crack and Collapse in the Storm of Lights

d2. Swordplay

e1. Omen's Duty

e2. I Am Your New King (feat. King Dude)

f1. Moonset (feat. Cindytalk)

f2. Walking on Cursed Soil (feat. Prurient)

f3. In Silence

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