LWS - Metrixulus EP


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Release Date: 30th April 2021

Following EPs unearthed from by Dukwa and Marco Bailey & Redhead, TDSR land back in their native Scotland with the debut release from young Edinburgh producer LWS.

One half of the party duo Agora, he has been quietly honing his production skills wherever he can, seemingly even during university lectures. This is most evident in the title track ‘Metrixulus’, made entirely from a ten-minute iPhone recording from one of his economics lecture, flipping it fully on its head. Distorted synth howls are layered atop tight, clinical percussion shaking in unison with a broken melody. The overall effect reveals a method to the madness though, nodding to deeper dancefloor moments through the emotive synth work, yet also showing a keen ear for the blistering digital drums of UK Funky and post-dubstep offshoots.

 The four tracks here show a young producer with a distinct sound, yet each remain markedly different to another. ‘Buy These’ on the A2 changes up the pace with a sharp, bouncy rhythm workout bringing in toms reminiscent of old Dance Mania jams, alongside some quality ambient pads.

Side B delivers a driving EBM style lead blended with elements of dub techno, cavernous reverb filling the stereo field (C-Gard). Big extended breakdown in the midsection too! Arguably the most full-on cut is left till last, utilising the same knack for tight drums to underpin a truly wonky electro melody with what sounds like a detuned panpipe scale amongst various other FX.

A1. Metrixulus

A2. Buy These

B1. C-Gard

B2. Name