Mani Festo - Toxic Waste / Warehouse 2.0 [10" Vinyl]


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Available From: 18th June 2021

Mani Festo joins the SweetBox ranks with two acid hardcore jungle tekno A-bombs: ‘Toxic Waste’ and ‘Warehouse 2.0’.

A true man of the moment, Mani’s finely tuned productions are in high demand right now. His catalogue boasts releases for the likes of Rupture, Hooversound, WNCL, E-Beamz and the Club Glow imprint he co-runs with Denham Audio, Borai and LMajor.

His SweetBox debut starts deceptively slow, building up a head of steam via an incessant pulse and faint industrial chug. Once ‘Toxic Waste’ lets loose its slamming four-to-the-floor kick, however, it’s on a one-way train to total mayhem. Blistering breaks burst through the gloom as the track hurtles onwards like an unstoppable juggernaut, finally taking control in the form of clattering percussive carnage.

a1. Mani Festo - Toxic Waste 

b1. Mani Festo - Warehouse 2.0