Subtle Audio - A Decade In Breakbeat 3x12" Vinyl


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Released 29th July 2016

" In May 2005 Subtle Audio launched with the aim of reviving the breakbeat side of D&B. Now, over 10 years later (and fashionably late!) they celebrate 'A Decade In Breakbeat'.

This collection of vinyls kicks off with the epic blackness of Nebula's amen led "Noir", then flips the script with the ethereal Medeski, Martin & Wood sampling "Speechless" by Dub One. The vibe goes from leisurely to insanity and back again when the drum machines of Alpha Omega's "Know How" are added to railroading breaks supplied by Aroma Nice & Earl Grey. The combination makes for an epic remix of the debut Subtle Audio release. Mecca goes for a more stripped down approach on the aptly titled "Analysis". The sudden injection of breakbeat mayhem near the end is all the more devastating after the spacious rhythm section that lays the track's foundation. NCQL's "Breath of the Eve" marries clipped vocals, soaring atmospherics and a driving amen for a track that has become a Subtle Audio anthem since it's digital release back in 2013. After numerous requests they've bowed to the pressure and given it a vinyl press! The breaks in Reactiv's "Metatron Falls" pulse and move with real vibrancy, their vitality representative of the injection of energy a new breed of breakbeat manipulators have given to this style of D&B / Jungle. If you want to hear what they have to offer, then this release would be a good place to start ! Here's to the next decade. "

a. Nebula - Noir

b. Dub One - Speechless

c. Alpha Omega - Know How (Aroma Nice & Early Grey Remix)

d. Mecca - Analysis 

e. NCQL - Breath Of The Eve

f. Reactiv - Metatron Falls