Ago - Backlash [Repress]


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Repress shipping from 9th December 2016

Joining the Subaltern camp for his debut release on the label is arcane beat maestro Ago, member of the infamous Numa Crew from Italy. 'Backlash': 'Backlash' opens the release with an eerie western atmosphere and spacey bells, before emerging into a tsunami wave of bass that should only be unleashed with extreme caution. Foundation shaking. * 'Trust Inc.' Pulling the listener into a subversive mindstate is 'Trust Inc.', with vibes and a hypnotic rhythm carried by pumping subs and executed with clinical precision. Bound to shake up every dance - eyes down, gunfingers up. 'Opium Riddim': Rounding off the record is the dreamy 'Opium Riddim', letting the mind wander off into the void. Melancholic vibes creep through pads and percussive lines, moving in trippy and spaced out realms.

a1. Backlash

b1. Trust Inc

b2. Opium Riddim