Your Planet Is Next - Ypin Ep


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Released 1st July 2016

Our planet... IS NEXT!? Yes, this is in fact the case, at least according to one Stockholmdwelling, 30-something (wishes-he-was-a) failed pop star, real name Arvid Wretman.

Just how he fell from his position as poster boy of Kärrtorp's ever-vibrant noise scene to the pill-popping, Cher-covering discotheque pleaser standing before us today, we could not tell you. What we do know is that Studio Barnhus stands ready to ride that cash train all the way 'til the bitter end!

So yeah, wanna pop some pills? Or do you wanna chill? Varför alltid dansa och spela det ena? ...and do you, or not, believe in life after love? These and many other questions are posed, but never answered, on this YPIN EP, the starting point of what we hope will be a particularly lucrative bizniz venture between those two powerhouses of Scandi-tronica, Your Planet Is Next and Studio Barnhus.

PS. Your Planet Is Next's live show will bring added marketing value and guaranteed customer satisfaction to your dance party. Contact Studio Barnhus for booking information.

a1. Believe

a2. Do U Wanna Freak?

b1. Hook Up 4 Real

b2. Dans från igår

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