Dolgotron - Get Fonky / Innuition


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Born and raised in the streets of Athens Greece, DOLGOTRON, an avid skateboarder and dj, launches his debut release on his own STREETSTYLE RECORDS label, run out of Germany.

Being a professional dj and vj for over a decade and having shared stages with legendary names like Afrika Bambaataa and Grandmaster Flash, Dolgotron is all about street vibes and DIY mentality.

His debut vinyl 12" features two trax: 

"Innuition" a fusion of chicago footwork, early grime and 808 electro, tested to be a dancefloor banger with a teasy and surprising 2nd drop!

"Get Fonky" on the flipside is an innovative track with interesting beats that change constantly throughout the track that melts genres from hip-hop all the way to techno. Again, the juke and early grime elements are obvious.

Make sure to watch the OFFICIAL VIDEO to this one on youtube!

All done in a "keep it simple" fashion, the release features a hand-stamped white label in a yellow cover to be an eyecatcher on the record shelf.

a. DOLGOTRON - Get Fonky

b. DOLGOTRON - Innuition