Quasimoto - The Unseen [2 x LP]


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Available: 5th February 2021

A1. Welcome To Violence  
A2. Bad Character
A3. Microphone Mathematics
A4. Basic Instinct
A5. Goodmorning Sunshine
A6. Discipline 99 Pt.0
B1. Low Class Conspiracy
B2. Return Of The Loop Digga  
B3. Real Eyes
B4. Come On Feet
C1. Bluffin    
C2. Boom Music
C3. MHBs  
C4. Put A Curse On You
C5. Astro Black
C6. Green Power
D1.  Jazz Cats Pt.1
D2. 24-7
D3. The Unseen  
D4. Phony Game  
D5. Astro Travellin