Lost Twin - The Mist


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1 – Conundrum: Lost Twin starts with a lovely ambient piece that has a real depth and originality to it, with odd little glitch stutter sounds blended nicely with vocal snippets and a spacey background and a very metallic kind of quality to it, a great way to kick things off.

2 – Snake Snake: This looping noodle fest has a cool trip hop style to it, very well used samples and beat construction for those who like the downtempo quirky vibes, little jazz rolls swirl around in a very positive manner and add to the uplifting feeling of this tune.

3 – Ego Hunter (Feat Nimio): Very deep vibes here slowdown with this glacier like vocal track, little cave drips in the background and a very soothing atmosphere make this track a must have for the armchair listeners, very sophisticated and cool this track screams style from start to finish.

4 – Acuario De Plantas: This jam really has a very lush sound that oozes quality throughout, almost a underwater vibe going on with this one, really detailed soundscape with hints of vocal that add a mysterious and almost suspense like atmosphere without becoming harsh.

5 – The Tides: ...has arpeggio sounds that twist there way into a hypnotic trip, utilising chord changes that create a real depth. Synth noodles move in and around the core sounds add a really deep and thoughtful atmosphere - a proper head down and zone out vibe, very cool work here indeed.

6 – Gamelan: More beautiful vibes with Gamelan so thought provoking and a real touch of class with this, hypnosis is the order of the day yet again with this piece and the sound structure of this track really works well.

7 – The Inmost Light: At this point just when you think it can't get any better then along comes The Inmost Light - truly stunning. The well created and evolving arpeggio sound really lift this tune into deep space, then metallic pad sounds with an edgy but warranted addition to the arp sound really bringthe whole piece to life.

8 – Coda (Feat Van Delay): The Mist EP ends with a downtempo track called Coda, pitched odd synth sounds that have a Nathan Fake quality to them, quite heavy beat work here but not so much that the track become hard. The sounds around the beats really soften, the track then drifts into an ambient outro - a great way to finish off this compilation.

Overall this compilation will suit people who like deep thoughtful tracks but also the more experimental crowd as well, this really is a very well crafted with real moments of pure quality throughout and is highly recommended.

Lost Twin – The Mist (Aural Imbalance Review)


1. Lost Twin - Conundrum

2. Lost Twin - Snake Snake

3. Lost Twin - Ego Hunter (Ft. Nimio)

4. Lost Twin - Acuario De Plantas

5. Lost Twin - The Tides

6. Lost Twin - Gamelan

7. Lost Twin - The Inmost Light

8. Lost Twin - Coda (Ft. Van Delay)