Fred P - Sound Destination


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Release Date: Early July 2016

Sound Destination is a project that crosses genre to find its own space. Soundscapes, downtempo, ambient, and house music all find a place in this aesthetically complete project. 

There's a simmering, hovering quality about the whole album, as a pastoral ease settles over the listener. The record flows like a vague narrative, a non-specific sort-of journey album, a meditative jazz-house trip.

Fred Peterkin shows yet another perspective of his expression. bursting out of the style-box, to draw you in to his own dimension. 

1.  Countryside Train Ride

2.  Leaving You Behind

3.  Where To Now

4.  Dark Halls

5.  Longing For You

6.  Watch Over

7.  Shibuya

8.  Something Beatless Pass

9.  Berlin Sunrise

10.  Time and Space

11.  Boundless

12.  Fly High