Mark Henning - Expander Six


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Released 20th January 2017

Mark Henning opens his 2017 Soma account with the ingenious Expander Six EP furthering his hardware Techno escapades. Title track Expander Six harks back to classic 90s Techno with heavy beats, deep stabs and deeper vibes. Tides brings pure unadulterated funk as Henning drops some serious, swinging grooves. 1999 follows up perfectly with a more straight to the point club ready banger. The Dogs closes out yet another on point EP from the British producer which sees him upping the pace with some furious drum programming knitted neatly together by some superbly catchy synth work Henning excels at blurring the line between House and Techno creating space for both in all his work, this well crafted EP typifies his style consummately.

a1. Expander Six

a2. Tides

b1. 1991

b2. The Dogs