Jane in Palma - Primitive Thoughts


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Released 26th August 2016

In a time of over connectivity it was time to disconnect, again.
This album was recorded over the course of a year between two caves, an empty cove and a countryside finca on the island of Mallorca. The summer days were long and hot. The winter nights were longer, cold and damp. Libby, Herbes Seques and a contained fire kept me company. It was experimental in process, strictly interpreting my surroundings and emotions involved with the inescapable solitude of this address-less residence.
Primitive Thoughts part of a series of visual works called ‘Croupier’, a concept developed by artist Julian Smith focusing on the aftermath of loosing everything to a storage fire in Venice beach and the subsequent recreation process of new works on an Island in the Balearics.

45RPM | stereo
Written & Produced by Julian Smith at Mild Shock Studios, Spain
Mastered by Sam John at Precise Mastering
UK Cover art ‘Andreas’s Route Vol 1’ Acrylic on canvas 100 x 160 cm © Julian Smith

a1. Calas

a2. Intro / Outro

a3. Expo Expo

a4. Mixed Connections

a5. Live at S’Algar

a6. Fly In Wax

a7. Mont Blanc

b1. Stretch Well

b2. Dawn of Reality

b3. Dirty City

b4. Park n’ Chat

b5. Kool Aidé

b6. End Track