Calibre - Shelflife 4 - 4x12" Vinyl (inc. Download Card)


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Released 26th February 2016 - Pre-order item - 4 x 12" Edition.

Signature label boss and Drum & Bass stalwart Calibre is continuing his shelflife series with a new compilation consisting of 11 tracks that as the title would suggest were shelved before. A coherent mix of exotic rollers, atmospheric cuts and euphoric dancefloor anthems is the result. With appearances by DJ Marky and Cleveland Watkins this addition to the shelflife series proves to be a relevant showcase of Calibre's diversity and of course a celebration of contemporary Drum & Bass.
Full colour sleeve - Full download card included - 4x12" Vinyl

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a1. Space Time (feat. Cleveland Watkiss)

b1. Model Way

c1. Down On You

d1. Amen Time (feat. DJ Marky)

e1. Underfire

f1. Bottles & Airports

g1. Justice

h1. Love Worn Soul