Comit - Under Your Spell / Contact High


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A1 – Under Your Spell: The start of something new in the form of Warm Communications Sub Label Short Trips... takes us on a journey into the deep with one of James Clements (ASC) other monikers “Commit’. The opening track is a spellbinding voyage into the otherworldly realm of deep space music.

The main synth parts are so beautiful and have an ethereal quality to them. The stab sound which is forthright but so gentle and delicate sounding it really is a joy to behold. Support of stunning pads and atmospherics lift this into the upper echelons of ambient music, with percussive sections that comprise of a snare, hats and kick that are simple but really effective as they add to the overall hypnotic feeling of this wonderful piece of music.

The thing with this type of percussion is that it lends itself to letting that star players in this case the synth sounds take the lead. Whilst retaining a groove of sorts, this will make your head nod as you drift into the soundscape. These elements are intensified when the arp sound kicks in, it wraps itself around the beats and forms a bond between them and the synth parts.

B1 – Contact High: The flip side is as glorious as the previous, and has bags of deepness to boot. The way that this could be described as is a blissed out adventure into the depths of space. Wondrous pad textures that ooze and blend into each other, and create a masterpiece of the highest order. The synth sounds are so intricate and work their spell upon you as the track develops.

This is all gelled together with a beat structure that like “Under Your Spell” has a simple yet very addictive arrangement. There is a certain snap that really shines through with the clarity of the drum sounds. Crisp hi-hats that tap their hypno-rhythm, delayed claps that shiver with a gentle abandon and hollow kicks that double tap every so often, make this a memorable groove into the inner sanctum of ambient bliss.

What Comit has managed here is making something that could be almost horizontal in its styling seem more urgent. This is a cracking first release for Short Trips and if this release is anything to go by its exciting times for the deeper listeners out there. Tip Top stuff, 10/10.

Sublime Electronica/Bass from the Warm Communications camp. Tip!

a1. Comit - Under Your Spell

b1. Comit - Contact High