Ekman - Synaptic Feedback Loops


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A1 – Autapse: Ekman starts the SFL EP with a piece of wobbly acidic bliss called Autapse. The main part of the track is a very hypnotic retro acid line that seems to be all the rage again these days, and why not? It’s the definitive of sound that always conjures up the great days of the late 80’s acid house movement. Anyway back to the track, the percussive elements are simple but allow the main players in the piece room to breathe. Crisp hats and claps take the lead and they are supported with soft kicks and stuttered tapping sounds. There is an eerie synth sound that haunts its way around the acid line and adds to the overall hypnotism of the tune. The bass line really gels all of the other components together and completes what is an excellent opening gambit from Ekman.

A2 – Uncertainty Principle: This is a more energetic and dance floor focused track. There is a real sense of urgency in the tune; the use of great squelchy sounds is superb and really uplifting. The beat structure is tight and quite progressive sounding in its arrangement style. The rounded claps and brushed hats are very groovy and when coupled with the solid 4/4 kicks really sound quite exciting (Would be great loud). The extra tripped out sounds also add to this mesmerizing ritual towards the temple of tribal dance. They create a very welcoming embrace into the realms of your on head whilst your legs go all jazzy and weirdJ. This is a top tune make no mistake about that.

B1 – Synaptic Feedback Loops: The title track of the EP carries on the traditions of the “A-Side”. Deep and meaningful acid lines are the order of the day here. There is a wonderful deep spacey pad sound the envelopes the main acid and really gives the track depth. The filters used on the acid line work really well as they reveal the rasp of the line as the track develops. This is a tune for you mind and takes you away with the drifting sounds softening the more harsh protagonists. The percussion is minimal but as before really gives the synth sections the chance to shine. A subbed out solid kick drum leads the march on acid house towers, in support a delayed clap swings in to flank the kick, and an open hi-hat completes the charge.

B2 – Antimony: The sounds here are quite out there and have a cold vibe about them. Think machines going on the attack as they decide to become self-aware. Don’t be fooled though the feel of the track works to perfection when compared with the others in this collection. Antimony feels very clinical and precise and less organic than the previously mentioned tunes. There are some superb percussive parts here, oscillating kick drums, tapping wood blocks and crisp clap sounds and sharp hats the groove is very cool indeed. The almost reverse sounding synth sound is very pleasing and welcome in this sci-fi adventure on a crazed spaceship of oddball robots and computers gone mad.

a1. Autapse

a2. Uncertainty Principle

b1. Synaptic Feedback Loops

b2. Antinomy