Chevron - Memory Disks Volume Two


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Release Date: 15th March 2019

Memory Disks. Volume Two. Chevron. Jonathan Valentine returns to Shipwrec with a second instalment of his mind and motherboard melting music. This mini album is packed to bursting with ten tracks of acid soaked electronics, chiptune glossed chicanery and retuned rock reworks. Volume two picks up where the first left off as the Blackpool wizard reimagines and reshapes drill and bass, beatless ambient and funfair funk. A catherine wheel is ignited from the needle drop to send a rainbow of sounds and styles spinning and swirling under the shimmering brilliance of Valentine's daring creativity. Stand back and simply enjoy.

a1. Icebreaker

a2. Do You Wanna Do Me (Like Someone You Love)

a3. The Reset

a4. Malibu

a5. A

b1. Branches

b2. Formaggio e Spionaggio

b3. Sigh

b4. Trincomalee

b5. I Want To Go Out